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Thailand is world renowned, and rightly so, for its delicious cuisine, from aromatic coconut and lemongrass soups (tom ka gai) to creamy southern curries (massaman, to spicy papaya salads (som tam), Thai food really has something for every taste and every level of hunger.

At Malisa Villas we encourage our guests to go and explore the local cuisine, street vendors offer tasty treats and beach side shacks are sure to keep you sated all day long. We also offer both in villa service and a restaurant for you to dine in without leaving the tranquility of Malisa.

In-Villa Dining

Opening hours : 6.30am to 11pm.

Offering privacy and a romantic escape we pride ourselves on delivering a fabulous in-villa dining service.

Nanta Restaurant

Opening hours : 6.30am to 11pm.

Nanta is our own elegant restaurant offering signature tasty Thai dishes and international cuisine daily.